It,s very obvious that we all are doing effort in our life to become something, but that,s how does that something came from in my life? It,s like a long way that i have crossed uptil now still seems more way to go, well speaking about my life is that in the beginning of my childhood i lost my father, the only man to look after my family was my elder brother, so in the start he has to go alone through every thick and thins, from sister,s marriage to my school fee, in the start he was a normal government clerk that is why i also started working in my idle age sewing flowers from my own hand sometimes my hands use to bleed as well because of continuous sewing, after doing this work i had to sell them as well so from Hyderabad to Karachi i use to go to sell flowers, with this my studies were also going on, after completing my graduation i started working in a pharmaceutical company Sandoz Pharma this is how my corporate rule started, i learnt and then use to spread the knowledge, this habbit of mine took me so far that i became the known trainer of Pharma, from Country Manager to National Manager to Marketing Manager etc in several known firms like Platinum, Woodwards, Surge, Mendoza i have worked. As we know that everything never stays for forever, your health, your value as time passes it changes value of everything, lost my job for many years i was unemployed but for this time i had already done my own investment and they were my childeren so i was done with this hard time as well with the support of my family, and then again started working for what i loves to do, time is never always going to give you all that you wants but the will to achieve something can never let you down, and bad times are there just to teach and show the real poker faces around you, never lose hope, as am running out of time and have to hurry for work so this is all for today. Never let the spark be down which drives you towards something.