Do you remember the time when Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombed? it was just a moment in which everything went in vein, although side effects of that incident was there for years, but it wasn’t,t like Syria where everyday people things that today can be our last day. They have been appealing from every of the sleeping Muslim nation and every flag holder of humanity but no1 is there to stand with them? Either we are not humans or we are becoming inhumans, although the blood in our body seems to be red as well. This war is not against just 1 country, it’s against other sleeping countries as well, because this fire can also reach our homes, and no1 will be standing with us if we go on treating people like strangers. So many pictures and videos floating on social media although no1 seems to take interest in this topic. If you cannot join their fight or stand with them, then make this request to destroy that country because at least save them from dying everyday, someday they are losing their brother the other day their children, wife and the list goes on. How inhuman we are once in a blue moon, sharing their stories and forgetting about them the other day, God will surely ask us about this.