KARACHI: Well-known Sufi vocalist Amjad Sabri has been laid to rest beside his father grave, Ghulam Farid Sabri, in Paposh Nagar graveyard.

Amjad Sabri was targeted as he drove out of His home in Liaquatabad to leave for a Ramzan transmission.

Sabri and a partner were prompting Hassan Sqaure in his vehicle when shooters assaulted him. The aggressors discharged five shots, while one that hit the head proved deadly. They were moved to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital instantly, when Sabri succumbed to his wounds, DIG West said.

He added that the 30-bore gun was utilized for killing. The CCTV footage will be used to recognize the professional killers.

Ghulam Ahmed, an eye witness told he saw “Two person on motorcycle, fired shots at one side of the car then they turned and fired four shots on the other side of the car”.

Countless mourners including Sabri’s two spouses and five kids, companions and number of huge fans have assembled outside his home on Wednesday to pay their tributes to the bereaved soul of Sabri.

In address to the National Assembly, senior MQM pioneer Dr. Farooq Sattar cited Amjad Sabri saying that he was receiving threats from a political group for his refusal to attend their program.

By Kanwal Khan