What actually regret means? For me, regret means that one mistake you made in your life unintentionally when you don’t realize what you are up to. It’s a sad, depressed feeling over something that one has acted upon. A very close one told me, “Having regret means still living in the past.” I agree.

Regrets could be complicated or they can be very simple as well. Everybody has a different way of thinking and have a different way of taking things and situations in to their understandings. We are all busy in our lives. Life happens. Incidents took place to distract us from our path.

Let me tell you one incident of my fellow mate. Everything was going so well and then a day came when he faces depression for a week or two. Thirty thousand rupees were snatched on gun point from him which was his savings. He was broken. He was depressed. Still he has regret that he should have put that money in bank. That’s his regret.

Cheating your partner and not letting her/him know because you know that the situation will get worse. It’s not about thinking so much about the past acts you have acted upon, it’s about how to confess everything and move forward in your life. Regrets in life will never let you move on. Regrets are the reminder in your life which will always alarm you when you are living a peaceful life.


When I look back at some of the most painful moments of my life, I see myself sitting alone, feeling either shame or regretted. It seems that forgiving people is the most difficult task to do but when you know you did something which will hurt the person you love the most, so this feeling really makes it hard to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of things in everyone’s heart and mind that they regret and no matter what, we are unable to fix it. Knowing that they can’t be fixed makes us our own enemy. You tend to hate yourself. It is simply the difficult thing to do in this universe. One true love can only heal this feeling, no matter where that love come from. No matter if it’s from your mom, dad, wife, girlfriend or even your best friend.

Looking back on our lives can lead us to remain on one emotional moment or period when we wish we had done things in a different manner. There comes a time in life when our thoughts mess up our head and ruin our day. I myself have done something in my life which I cannot forget. There are days when I want to clear up my head from these thoughts, but when they come back I feel the same all over again. My heart tells me to go far away from people. A place where no one is there to remind me of my mistakes. I wanted to make things right, I wanted to stop hating myself for what I’ve done wrong; I wanted to forget everything and forgive myself. Sometimes I want to confess everything to others. I want to scream out of myself so that I can live peacefully. I want my life to be back on track again.


I don’t regret the things I have done, but I regret about the chances which I  didn’t use when they were in my hands, I lost them like sand losing from one’s hand. Forgive yourself and move forward. Take your mistake as a teaching tool for yourself. We all know that we cannot change our past but yes, we can try to make our present and future better.

By Maria Siddiqui