Chloroquine, a formula that is known to effectively cure malaria has proven to be a blessing in disguise against the deadly COVID 19. However, the formula is facing availability crisis, Bayer Pakistan is under constant pressure to provide the formula, as Pakistan is the only country to manufacture Chloroquine at present under the name of Resochin, a pharmaceutical substance manufactured by Bayer. On February, 5, 2020 Bayer Pakistan had donated 300,000 of Resochin dosages to Guangdong, China to test. Recently, 3 million Resochin tablets has been exported through Bayer Pakistan and the product has been tested by United States of America showing remarkable results. In fact, Donald Trump has acknowledged the effectiveness of the drug and claimed it to be safer and preferred it on other drugs so far.

Back in 2003 Resochin had showed decent results against the first SARS virus as well. In addition, China has tested Resochin and accepted that it is decently effective to inhibit the reproduction of the COVID 19. Following China and United States of America, the world countries like Germany has shown a frequent urge to test Resochin. In a nutshell, the whole world is quarantined, economies going downhill, education sectors suffer but the most unfortunate are those who work on daily wages. The world desperately awaits the results of the clinical studies in the hope to put an end to this disastrous COVID 19.        

By: Sahar Nafees