It’s not something new, that women shop, neither is that fact deniable that they’re addicted to shopping just name it and you’ll find that they flew away with your credit card! So hold on, and save your bank balance and credit cards before its being stolen by a ‘miss shopaholic’.
Our famous designer outlets offer an enormous variety of beautiful and charismatic outfits, which are not even adored only, but people especially women go crazy over them and try to the fullest to grab each one, as soon as possible, before it’s too late. Whenever ladies listen to the word ‘sale’ they’re just ready to rush over the malls without even wasting a second, so they’ll definitely not regret over missing a golden chance.

Even on one of the most rated events of the western world such as “Black Friday”, offer sales on the leading shopping centers in our country too, where you’ll see women rushing everywhere to grab the dresses and to be benefitted by the sale as much as possible. But, for this all kinds of effort ladies do to grab the foremost opportunity, they’re seen fighting with each other, even who are from very good and civilized families are seen slapping and pinching one another, and a big cat fight is seen around. People make videos of those amazing cat fights that go viral on the internet, and the viewers are in a state of shock to see girls fangirling the sale offered by renowned brands.
Recently too, leading outlets of our country namely, “Khaadi” and “Saphire” offered Victory Sale on the brilliantly unexpected victory of Pakistan in the final of Champions Trophy 2017, against India. And, yet once again women were seen rushing towards the big shopping centers, queueing in the large lanes waiting for their turns to grab the stuff. The masses are gathered easily and now it’s a common thing because we use to see it every now and there on any big event, malls celebrate the happiness in the form of sales of the big brands and people find little moments of happiness to cheer up!
It is good to display sales so that costumers may have discounts on various products, and shopkeepers may have their business done. But, today in the era of race, brands are also a part of it due to which people are enthusiastic to shop, even more than a certain limit, and started becoming brand conscious which is not good at all because it creates class differences among the buyers and the one who can’t afford. Therefore, it must all go on but in a certain limit because everything beyond limit is hazardous!

By: Hamna Ahmed