Stress is a very common word but it can badly affect our mental health and also our physical fitness. These are the worst times the world is facing. COVID-19, an infectious disease which has left everyone helplessly house arrest. Moreover, maintaining social distance and staying home seems easy, but in reality, it is not an easy task for everyone of us.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), isolation and quarantine helps protect the public through less social contact. Isolation separates sick people preventing the spread of such contagious disease.  However, quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to prevent further expansion.

Quarantine has disturbed our daily life and it is really difficult for the whole world to accept this sudden change. But the fact is, we have no other option, except for staying home and avoid all social gatherings, public places, offices, schools, colleges, universities and to avoid all those areas which can boost the spread of Covid-19.

Quarantine has now become a highly stressful condition, since people witness increasing death toll, numbers of suspected patients and lock down spreading hopelessness. It is a dire need to manage the stress skillfully. There are some common stress management steps which can really help us to boost and feel fresher and more positive.

Firstly, we should take this time as a blessing because in our daily busy schedule we are unable to make time for our beloved families, so this can be the best opportunity to spend time with our parents, siblings, and children. This is the time when we should make some precious memories to cherish after. Moreover, we always complain that we don’t get enough time to read and understand our Holy book in detail, so this is surely the most accurate time and we have to take full advantage of these quarantine days.

One more interesting thing which we all can think about is how talented we are, by doing what makes you happy and active because it is very essential for your mental health. What you have to do is, to think what activities make you feel good just start from today whether it is cooking, painting, playing online games, baking, writing, calligraphy, online workouts, search fitness apps and much more.

After this if you feel low even slightly then get up and search for more activities, talk to your friends as we all have social networking sites and through which we can easily stay connected with our favorite people. Follow WHO’s guidelines and stay informed but quit thinking too much and get upset, as it will badly affect the mental and physical health.

Lastly, whenever you feel frustrated just remind yourself that you are doing all these efforts to protect yourself, for the family and humanity. It may be a combined effort to fight against this Covid-19. Moreover, keep the hopes alive in all circumstances.

By: Hadia Naz