Looks beautiful as a quote seems touchy as a line and powerful as a statement, but all of them are lying in some unused corners of our mind the way our old books lie in our shelves where these quotes are actually from. From where we have learned such quotes and never practiced them. We read them but never mean them. In this materialistic world, realistic thoughts are gone. Running behind material we often close our eyes for reality for right and wrong and what not. Few days back a helper was witnessed in some famous restaurant who was witnessed yet ignored or you can say we were so much lost in the taste and lust of our so-called trendy life where we actually remember to take pictures of that food but not that living being around us, this incident happened at Espresso situated at Dolmen City Mall, HOD Tehmina Lodhi from Iqra University was also sitting by she witnessed all this and took some pictures of this boy and as she was upto buy this home helper a meal, the family left. How many of us witnessed this? Or you can say how many of us noticed. And those who have noticed were not bothered enough to speak up to go and confront those people who were busy in eating but their house helper was lonely shattered hungry finding happiness and acceptance here and there. Alas, no one bothered either just like that family and just like us. Living in a world where live and let live is being highlighted we have even forgotten that they are also among us who wants acceptance and importance too. So many of us did not raise our concerns because of this live and let live ideology. That it’s their house helper if they are not concerned why should we be, it’s their life why should we poke our nose. Justifiable! But what about humans right? Hopefully, this comes in some human right too and if not then there should be some rights like these too where you cannot mistreat your house helps like this or you cannot just ignore them and their happiness when you are most concerned about yours. We all should think once a little effort can result in someone’s happiness. A thought can bring a change it does! a small act can bring so much of happiness a little sacrifice brighten up someone’s entire day a little gesture can take their sorrows away.

By: Sehar Rehan