Nowadays, with the excessive use of social media, everything is supposed to have perfection as is portrayed on the screens! From the info, bios, check-ins and all the way to feeling blessed with 49 others, we’re all bounded totally by social media.
Quite interesting is the fact that we have to show our lives perfect as we’re also a part of this race after all. Same is the case with our younger generation who is all busy in being socially active and doing hangouts. But, here the noticeable thing is that our generation has forgotten the way to the ‘Chirya Ghar’ i.e zoo. Yes, the Chirya Ghar in Karachi especially and other cities throughout the country remain unsung and nearly ‘no-visitors’ seem to be there.
Whereas, in the early past we’ve seen children rushing happily towards the zoo to cherish about wild and tame animals and obviously that ‘MUMTAZ BEGUM’ it was all a fun trip there. From school educational trips to family Sundays, chirya ghar was an amusement park for all of us. Those lions, giraffes, bear, monkeys, amazing breeds of deer and chimpanzees was something to explore. Those amazing memories of the past days and awesome trips to the zoos are still remembered!

But, alas! Zoos are now found unsung and empty. Children today are found no more interested in going to the zoos, maybe the reasons for that are lavish and fancy malls who have totally replaced the rejoice of the zoo. The youngsters are busy checking in into the malls, namely Lucky one, Forum. Hyper Star, Ocean Mall etc. and the list goes on! Everywhere we’ll find the people rushing towards the malls, sneaking selfies, sitting into the food courts and enjoying the free Wi-Fi! Shopping? No, it’s not necessary over there as they all are up to window- shoppings which they enjoy quite a lot. Hanging out with friends? Family? Yes, it’s not a big deal we have malls for that. Going to malls even to enjoy the Earth’s day, the birthday bash and last but not the least, those ‘treats’ all are arranged in the malls.

Well, that’s not a taboo, but it’s good if we keep alive the traditions of the past so that our young generation would be able to explore what we’ve explored and cherished the little moments that are close to nature because undoubtedly nature is more beautiful than anything. Our schools should try to arrange trips to zoos instead of water parks so that it’ll be a healthy trip for them as well because everything is not found on internet. Healthy generation, healthy futures!

By: Hamna