“Might is right”, we’ve listened to it a lot of times, and it is implementable in our daily lives too. Just like recently our PM, Mr. Nawaz Sharif is under hot waters these days due to the breaking news that left us all shocked about the JIT and its final report. What was the real story about it, here it is!
It all started last year with the breaking news about the Panama Papers, which leaked the information about the offshore companies of some famous people, which they never declared and it all remained unaccountable. But, the most disturbing part about it was,  it had the name of our own Prime Minister including his daughter Maryam Nawaz and sons Hasan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz, overall the whole of Sharif family. This left them all in trouble. Protests were held by masses to ask PM to be accountable for all that illegal properties he owned, out of the country. The protest was especially done by Imran Khan who’s in opposition and he too asked the Sharif family to declare their assets. Moreover, Khan also demanded a JIT be made for further investigation of the black money.
Therefore he was quite lucky in the case that JIT (Joint Investigation Team) was made successfully.
These days the news which is revolving around us all is the final decision made by the JIT which was indeed the most awaited one. And, result declared whole of the Sharif family to be accused of offshore companies which they never declared and that now further action be taken against them. People of Pakistan were astonished by the report, some were calling it a win for Pakistan and demanded the disqualification of the PM, whereas some were still defending the position of the Sharif family. And, as expected Pml (n) and all the party leaders were denying the report in the press conference they did and even called the JIT report as ‘PTI report’, they’re gonna drag the matter to Supreme Court and so on.
It is a crucial stage for all of us these days, the final decision has yet to come, no matter if the PM is dismissed or not but a good sign is that unaccountability is dragged towards investigation and that first time in our country a PM is presented in front of the JIT and inquiries, because justice should prevail irrespective of the class of a person, be it a PM or a poor. Anyhow, the final decision is yet to come and let’s see what happens in the politics of the country just hope it all turns out to be best for Pakistan!

By: Hamna Ahmed