Woman is a beautiful creation of nature and every glimpse of her is a beautiful sight to watch. Filled with emotions, sentiments, and affection and being sensitive and fragile, a woman is an absolute beauty overall!
People see a woman as a decoration of this world and expect her to be perfect from head to toe. From dressing appropriately to making over herself she’s been observed. And, last but not the least she’s expected to be not so chubby. Which shows the sick mentality of our society, that it wants a woman to be in a perfect body shape and be slimmest to the possible extent, which is indeed something very wrong!
We’ve taught our women who’re fat, to hate their bodies, just because it’s not something that our society likes. Even, our young girls have lost all of their self-confidence and have been under the shackles of inferiority complex, because of their fat bodies. They don’t like to face public gatherings anymore because every time they’ve to be taunted and looked down upon due to that excessive fat amounts in their bodies, which is something to worry about. Like, where are we heading towards? What kind of society we’re creating where people will be judged due to their appearances.
Let’s not forget that Islam has taught us, all about fulfilling the rights of women and to give them a prominent role in our society. So, this has nothing to take with their chubby looks I guess! Women are in the form of our sisters, wives, daughters and most importantly our mothers, who’ve given us birth! Her beauty is hidden in all her heart, the way she treats her children, take care of them, and make our homes a paradise and beautiful place to live in!
Therefore, it’s a high time we all should keep in our minds that woman is a beauty of nature and that we shouldn’t challenge her beauty by her chubby looks and fat appearances. They lose trust in themselves and start strict diets and heavy gyms which are injurious to them, just due to the fact that people call them fat and they’re fed up of listening to it anymore!
Anyhow, people! Let’s all bring in a change here and starting from ourselves try breaking all kind of stereotypes. Let’s be a source of bringing change in this old mindset we have about women. Believe me, it’s never too late!

By: Hamna Ahmed