It’s been so long since the whole new scandal of Panama Papers and illegal off shore companies of the Sharif family caught everybody’s attention. After that, the JIT was made and yet another topic to talk about was present there!
The JIT called the defaulters and another big issue caught the eyes when Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz presented the fake documents in front of the JIT!
Maryam Nawaz showed the documents which were written in the CALIBRI font, but on the other hand, we came to know that the CALIBRI font used to print text wasn’t available before 2007 and the documents were of 2002, seems like Maryam Nawaz was pretty unlucky in the cause!
Then same happened with her too, people of Pakistan bashed her for cheating on the JIT, on social media, and on other forums. She was mocked for the Calibri font and many of us who don’t know about the font started searching it and the news got popular. Now, we can’t wait more for the JIT and the Supreme Court’s final take on over the Panama Papers, our best regards!

By: Hamna Ahmed