Google Glass

Google is all set to equip the next era with Google Glass. Google’s head-mounted wearable display is the certain accord. Recently the second version of Google Glass has been brought to light, with such credence that the glasses can make its way towards success with new approach.

Google opted to persist modish as well unfamiliar strategy for the very glasses. In these glasses, a new processor and connectivity parts will dwell in order to make them run faster like never before as well as an extensive battery life which makes them to charge less. The prodigious miniature all gather in a robust headset which impervious to water and much rebellious to get broke.

Google intends to sell these glasses business workplaces and industries rather than for customary means and in general community. In this regard Google opted to sell them via a special program that will lead them directly to industries and companies. In such way general consumer won’t be able to get their hands on and avail them. Users and consumers of first Google Glass were designers and medical professionals.

Google calls it “Enterprise Edition”, targeting it directly at the companies for which it’ll be a device that’d be helpful in business. According to Google, the device will carry a front light that turns on when the camera set in motion. There’s also a ball joint hinge for device’s eyepiece as well as conceding plenty of fluidity for all wearers. The internals will be more efficient than of last one. It simply includes Intel Atom processor, upgraded battery life, and enriched wireless connectivity (which comprise of the addition of 5 GHz WiFi band for video cascading apps). Better heat management is worth to be mention here which is the outcome of the new chip.


The device also contains a more vigorous build, a larger prism, and holds a swivel that allows it to bend and is aimed to resist bounce and blemishes in the working place. The new edition to Google Gadget bucket will signal towards a positive direction for the industries and companies as it is specialize to act as an efficient business instrument rather than a commodity for routine buyers.

By Rimsha Shahid.