ENKINDLING A SPARK OF HOPE-revolutionary shades of near future bridging trivial amendments.
The most interactive and dazzling social interaction with radiant students of Markaz-e-umeed school of special children. A good deed no matter how small,adds to the ultimate positive result. Clinquant philosophy of Markaz-e-umeed “SPREADING HOPE” continues to offer us a platform for which we can do as little as we can for the contentment of special students glorious hearts and in return earn dawn of glorious tomorrows brimming with unimaginable joys and tranquility which we can cherish through out our lives.

Compelling activities bears glistening pearls of health counseling,distribution of candies to students, and goody bags to winners,herds of games include musical chair,tug of war,cricket and ball passing.In the end we had braced our booming visit with the Hand printing of mesmerizing students.Students were enjoying every bit of the activity.Feeling of gratulation electrified us when we become the source of their contentment   🙂

Without my lovely friends plan was not able to shine Thanks for  your massive participation.
Thank you note for,
Sir Zeeshan Siddiqui

By Laila-tul-Qadar