In the 21st century, technology has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Our interaction starts with technology from the moment we wake up to the time when we go to bed. Technology has changed the way we engage, work, and live. With multiple roles, it has improved the overall experience of human life. There are some important roles technology plays throughout our day.  

1: Digital Wake-Up Call

-Smart Alarm Clocks: There are no more traditional alarm clocks. Smart alarm clocks have made their way to wake us up. 

-Morning Briefings: Before starting our day, we talk to the smart speakers who provide us with information in the morning such as news updates, weather forecasts, etc. 

2: Streamlining Communication 

-Instant Messaging: The most common mode of written communication is texting. Without any concern about the physical location, we can stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

-Video Calling: You can also communicate on camera through video calling from all around the world. By filling geographical gaps we can easily connect with people anytime from anywhere. 

3: Daily Tasks and Entertainment

-Smart Assistants: Our digital helpers such as Siri and Alexa etc., can do our tasks successfully within seconds. The tasks are answering questions, playing music, receiving the call, performing any specific task, setting reminders, etc 

-Online Shopping: Nowadays it is very common to buy anything online with the click of a button. They can be anything from clothes to groceries which can be delivered to your doorstep which saves time, energy, and money as well. 

-Gaming: Video games are becoming common these days, almost every youngster plays video games. They are quite engaging; they have challenges and rewards that make them more interesting. 

4: Revolutionizing Work and Education

-Remote Work: Due to advancements in technology, people are working from home. Work norms have changed which allows workers to work effectively and maintain a work-life balance. 

-Online Learning: Students are learning online more than in classrooms, as on the internet there is unlimited learning material available about a single topic. Every other person has a different way of teaching the same concepts which helps in clarifying the concept without relying on only one teacher. 

Technology has transformed the way we think, communicate, and live. People are adapting to technological advancement in everyday life to make their lives easier and more effective.

Written by: Ayesha Sami