Islam is indeed the most wonderful religion and as we say saying this not because we belong to a Muslim family background. But we proudly say this because of  different pillars of Islam in our religion that requires dedication and belief without spending money on most of our holy practices.

In all the twelve months, the recently ended month was Ramadan. The month of fasting, the month of countless blessings, the thirty days of purity, charity, happiness, calmness, and the purest connection of a person with Allah. The month of practice that how we should spend our lives according to the teachings of Islam. We fast for thirty days in which we take meal before the dawn prayer and then go to our jobs, schools, and universities, doing daily routine work without eating or drinking anything the whole day. Then after more than 15 hours of fasting, with the call of Maghrib, we open our fast and after some rest, most of the people go to the masjid to offer prayers of Isha and taraweeh. This is the routine of all Muslims during Ramadan and it’s not only about not eating or drinking anything but it teaches us about how to remain calm and help the needy people around us whether in our families or friends or anyone who requires the help because Allah loves the people who help others.

In this month, one more Sunnah which we observe in the last Ashra (last ten days of Ramadan) is performing I’tikaf. It means devoting oneself to ibadat and to search the true blessings of Allah. It is the practice of Muslim Men and Women to disconnect themselves from the worldly things including their family and friends and close ones and only connect themselves with Allah.

Ibn `Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to observe I`tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

For that Men go to the mosque for ten days until the moon of Shawal (Eid-ul-fitr) is sighted while Women process their I’tikaf usually at home and at at mosque as well.

I have experienced the blessing of I’tikaf and Allah gave me this opportunity I can’t even describe the feeling when we cut all the connections from the world and just make sure that you found peace in that one place where a person is present with a Quran in hand which are the wordings of his/her Creator. If we recite Quran with meaning, we will realize how perfect it is for changing someone’s life. It’s all about feeling and the feeling is that Allah is communicating with you. He is talking to you about all your worries, happiness, problems, solutions, stories about Messengers. And it is the book that tells us the best way of living and we all should recite it with meaning. We are searching for peace everywhere but if we recite Quran with meaning, we will never ask for peace from anyone. Our generation is continuously talking about depression and stress on social media, don’t ask things from the wrong platform, ask for ease and comfort, and peace from Allah and we are truly blessed that we have the Quran that has every answer to our questions. But all we have to do is to open it and read it with meaning because we will never understand the true essence of the Quran if we not going to read it in our language. In this I’tikaf, I tried to recite Quran with meaning and I pray that Allah accept my prayers and not only mine but every one of us. We all have flaws and we just have to accept them to overcome them. No one will come to rescue you but yourself, so try to connect more with Allah and less with Dunya. We all will come out of this negativity and stress one-day Insha’Allah.

Muslim eid cards

The end of Ramadan brings a new festival for all Muslims called Eid-ul-fitr and that is the gift from Allah for all those who fasted the whole month of Ramadan. May Allah accept our ibadat and bless us with the happiness of Eid with our families and friends and all the loved ones around us. In this festival, the day starts with offering Eid prayer and then everyone enjoy the happiness meeting with their family members and relatives and friends, adults give Eidi to their young ones, everyone get ready and wear new dresses and also make delicious food items including sweet dishes prepared and every face have a smile and take this day as the true blessing from Allah SWT for all the Muslims around the world. But in between all our happiness, it is also guided us by Allah to don’t forget the needy people around us who also want to celebrate the Eid and we have to add them in our celebrations too.

Written By: Hadia Naz