Apple plays an irreplaceable part in the evolution of the tech world, they introduced a variety of revolutionary products in the tech market including iPhone, with an exceptionally reliable security system, iPad, next generation laptops, smart watches, etc. Apple continued to amaze the customers when they launched wireless Air pods in 2016, efficient and remarkable. It has 24 hours long battery life with 5 hours of listening time. Apple improvised the irresistible Air pods with the 2nd generation Air pods Pro in October, 2019 that is not only water resistant but also wearable during workout or sports as it is sweat resistant.

On a side by side observation, it is visible that that Air pods Pro is customizable rather than universal with active noise cancellation. Air pods Pro is water and sweat resistant which the earlier version visibly lacks. However, Apple claims the conditions to be variable, it has its own instruction manual for cleaning before charging as the charging case is non-resistant. Moreover, the battery-life depends on certain factors such as, device settings, usage, environment etc. Although it is user friendly but it still needs to be pocket friendly, Moreover, the design still has the scope of betterment.                        

By: Sahar Nafees