Dr Osama Riaz, a young dedicated physician embraced martyrdom from the deadly COVID 19 while performing his duty in Peshawar. He was a member of the team consist of 10 doctors that is assigned the task to screen the travelers returning to Gilgit Baltistan from overseas especially Iran. Later on, he provided services in isolation centers. As reported by his associates, Dr Osama ignored his health in order to perform his duty, he overworked to provide all the comfort to his patients.   

Dr. Osama Riaz was taken to Provincial Headquarters Hospital after he was found unconscious and put on the ventilator on immediate basis. Unfortunately, he could not resist the infection and passed away. It is unpleasantly surprising, rather shocking that his body could not resist at the age of 26. However, doctors are looking further into the complications in his case. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Osama is praised for his dedication, he is considered a national hero to serve his life voluntarily for the nation. 

By: Sahar Nafees