COVID 19 has taken over the world, world countries face lock down. Pakistan follows. All the institutions whether governmental or non-governmental to be closed for 15 days from March, 22, 2020. The world is undergoing drastic changes, economies draining and stock exchange bears loss, education suffers, international and domestic flights suspended. As much as it damages the surface structure of the world, it also puts a psychological pressure on the minds of the citizens. In fact, it has taken the shape of a global trauma, a psychological war, an unknown terror, isolation is the only known solution to stay uninfected from this life-threatening COVID 19 so far.

Italy is one of the hardest hit countries from the COVID 19 pandemic since the death toll rises to 4,825. People all over the world are instructed to encourage self-isolation by social distancing in order to stop the spreading of the disease. On the lighter note, to relieve COVID 19 stress, people in Italy sang it out to lift spirits from their windows. Pakistan on the other side reported 3 deaths from the virus, while the confirmed cases rises to up to 600, the numbers may increase if strict precautionary measures are not taken on priority.  

By: Sahar Nafees