Karachi, a city which gives us food, shelter, money, even fulfil almost every basic need of ours. It is a city of lights and most importantly it’s a metropolitan city , an economic hub for Pakistan. This land always gives us what we demand from it but what we are doing for our city ? what we doing with our city? It is a big question!
From the past few years people of Karachi are facing such a worst weather as it’s almost more than 38-39 degrees everyday. We are taking it as normal when all of a sudden it was started from 2015 but now it’s 2019 and still we are not thinking about this drastic climatic changes, day after day we are facing the worst rising temperature.
The Karachities are living in such horrible conditions. In burning hot weather we are terribly facing electricity shortage, gas load shedding, shortage of water. That means in a metropolitan city people are in trauma and they don’t even have basic necessities. It is such an alarming situation and we all have to think about it seriously.

Other than our basic needs, there is also some major issues one of them are of garbage. Yes most of our places have garbage and no one is ready to solve this issue only blaming each other is going on. Now who is responsible? Government or public? As in a very clear thought both are equally responsible for the situation. If government is responsible for not providing sufficient electricity then on the other hand we are also responsible because we are not using it in a right way we are not paying bills on time and most importantly corruption in the department and the kunda system also. If we are talking about water, then also we both are responsible because government is not taking any action to overcome this major issue but we are also wasting water carelessly.

In any problem, not a single person is responsible as government, they should do something on an urgent basis. We need plantation more than buildings or shopping malls and we all have to understand this that deforestation is the main reason of rising temperature day after day. Government have to show concerns because this land gave us and is giving us everything so we should own our city, own your environment and most importantly authorities should own civilians issues afterall only because of the civilians politicians are in the assemblies despite of all this authorities should take immediate action and we should also think that what we can do, atleast we can plant a single pot for us and for the betterment of our environment. If we want to bring change. We should love our city, own your city!

By: Hadia Naz