As we are already aware that women today are not left behind in the run of success, whether it’s the field of engineering, pharmacy, or business etc. And they are proving it that they can achieve what they want.

So to bring in your information we have interviewed an emerging star in Pharmaceutical industry “Sibgha Hafeez”. By profession she is a pharmacist and working as a Marketing Planning Manager.

Besides this she is a poetess, column writer and was Editor In chief in Punjab University Magazine. She was a debater and compare too throughout her academic career. She is a self made women, had her education on scholarship via merit and was teaching as well to meet her expenses. Pharmaceutical field is one of the typical fields where women can work because of so much competition but she started her career from one of the companies of Pharma Novartis, then worked in Servaid pharmaceutical and was also the part of Genetics pharma marketing depart, now she is working in Himont Pharma for 2017 not only leading Marketing department but also guiding people out from other departments as well. Women like her are a great source of motivation in today’s world.

And being in the list of developing countries we need many more women like her who can prove the outer world wrong that our women is lacking behind anything. Women like these are the pride of our nation and yes they can, they have proved and they are proving as well.