A woman of inspiration- a woman with dreams and ways to achieve them!

When she started her career, at a very initial level, she was married off and went into a new family.

But that did not stop her from dreaming more and making more efforts towards achieving.

A woman with vision moved forward to pursue a career in banking industry and with time moved up the professional ladder like a champion

Today, after investing seventeen years of her life, she is leading a banking department and looks forward to work more effectively in the years to come.

(She is client oriented visionary and regarded industry thought pioneer for driving Large groups to assemble, actualize and execute advanced arrangements and substitute channels. CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Exceptional reputation of administration industry particularly in managing an account for developing the Contact Center utilization and propelling the non-customary method for administrations while reliably captivating new crowd.

She has tremendous introduction for, advanced change, Alternate Delivery Channels (Assisted and non-helped administrations both compose), Customer Experience, Digital Strategy, Operations, Online administrations.
She is Certified COPC CX Professional to Implement Customer Services Standards upheld by solid Business and IT training)

Persevering, goal-oriented, and motivational with multilingual relational abilities. Broad achievement in the improvement, tutoring, and authority of best performing personals.

Women like these give us inspiration to not only balance personal and professional lives, but to ace at each one of them.

Identifying her achievements, Ponds Miracle Mentor program recognized her as a Ponds Mentor, the title she still wears with proud.

She believes in giving back to the community and makes every effort to make lives of people around her happier, positive and hopeful.

She believes that even small initiatives like Mentor ship sessions at PACC , schools, colleges, universities and a social media page spreading happiness could highly contribute to making a difference in today’s world!

That’s our lady!

Shar Bano