This is really pathetic we are shocked to see everyone busy uploading status about Blue Whale, we personally were up to share it with the people but before moving on further we researched and came to know that although there was a game but back in 2005, and now every possible action has been taken against it, there is no such game available on Google Play, and the back story was, there was a guy he just wanted to draw traffic from his APP to his website these are his wordings although this is an ill mindset, but we don,t need to be worried about this because authorities has already done their work. We all should investigate before sharing anything because this is the kind of a thing that is already creating depression among people by shocking them that there is an APP that kills people. Whereas this game is fake still people are spreading the news, but why not spreading the news about Burma Muslims who are being slaughtered, burned, brutually killed and we have the proof of them in form of videos and pictures, aren,t these proofs enough inspiring for you to share? Or where has your slogan for humanity gone? At least think for a while, raise your voice or else you can also be the victim of this by such retarded people.