I am a student in University of Karachi. I and my friends have been listening about the existence of Temple and church in our University so that we were really persuaded to see these places yesterday me and my friends decided to visit these worship places situated in the area of quarters. When we reached there the way they welcomed us was really heart-whelming, a boy named John lead us towards the church and opened it for us, we didn’t feel that we are from some other community for a second in both the Hindu and Christian community area, we played with the kids there and the way they were calling us sister was remarkable while these kids mother washing clothes whenever she looked at us she passed a gentle smile to us.

The best thing I felt after meeting them was that they are humans just like us, they have blood in their veins so we have, and they have a heart which is full of love.

And then I asked myself a question. Why do people think that we Muslims are extremist? Why do they feel frightened of us? Why fake allegations of terrorism on us can be believed in a blink of an eye?

And the answer I got was also a  question that if someone from other religion comes to us and ask to visit our holy places like mosque and other, will we also welcome them the way they did for us? Can we also let them mix and play with our kids?

Islam is indeed a great religion of peace, love, and prosperity. It’s not Islam which makes people extremist. It’s us who have introduced and proved Islam as a religion of impatience and extremism. And if someone wants to know about Islam then they should understand Quran instead of studying individual people, people are not perfect but Quran is.

By: Maham Habib