Pakistan is a Muslim country which is also multicultural one. Here, people of different color, caste, culture, creed, and race reside, however, its a Muslim dominant state!
Here are many sects within the Muslim fraternity too, mainly Shia, Sunni and if classified further it includes, Wahabi, Deobandi, Barelvi, Bohri, and others as well. All of them claims to be the followers of Allah Wahdahu Lashareeka Lahu, but disagrees on other major concepts which make them and their ‘riwaj’ pretty bit different from another.
Anyhow, not dragging the sect debate over here, our system is seen to be very different from other countries, wanna know why? Because we are religious extremists. Everyone belonging to his/her caste declares other as ‘Kaafir’ and the flame continues to fan over and over again!
Like, why should we be this intolerable to other sects, why? Yes, it’s true that we share conceptual differences but it’s not okay to show intolerance at all. We’rather supposed to spread love everywhere and try to eliminate hate and social evils.
Terrorism is a menace, and Pakistan has been facing it for a long time, be it in schools, colleges, court, masjids, or public places, no place is left undone by the menace of terrorism. But, in our country we all have seen that, whenever the places of religious practices are bombed like, imam barga, jamat khanas or masjids, the intolerant people are always there to blame the other sect for the incident, letting the blame game start, as a result of which hate prevails to the fullest in our society on religious and sect basis, which is an alarming cause.
This continues and continues to be, but what’s next? Should we be left to fight like this? Or are we waiting for world war three to take a start from our homes, victimizing all of us?
Definitely, no one of us will think like this. So steps should be taken by us involving the teachings of love and that’s how tolerable we should be towards other sects and their beliefs, from within our homes, schools and other platforms too. Media plays a prominent role in making a particular mindset, therefore it should try to spread positivity and eradicate the root causes of negativity, so we all will be dragged to a path where tolerance prevails and it’ll become easy for us to adjust with other sects too, because after all, we all live in the same state. And, if our intercountry situation is strong, then only we’ll be able to stand as one nation in front of other countries of the world. And even after this if there,s some issue than one leading person from every sect should step forwad and together they all should discuss what’s the best way to follow Islam and bring people on one platform.
Let’s change ourselves and be one Muslim, one Pakistani, it’ll surely add to make us a strong nation!

By: Hamna Ahmed