Youngsters are the future of a nation. Every step ahead is taken everywhere thinking about the prosperity and an endurance of a good future of the upcoming generation. Pakistan, being an overpopulated country comprises of many young futures. And, every government time to time has taken some measures to ensure that the new generation prospers to the fullest in every ground, be it the field of education, employment or trade etc.
Our present government is also, busy in taking the steps for the young ones. But all we’ve seen so far is the distribution of laptops amongst the students in leading universities and colleges of higher education. The distribution scheme is known as the Pm’s Laptop Scheme and , again the students winning the laptops remains unemployed!
Yes, its true that youngsters need so much for the sake of the brightest futures, but oh, what they have laptops only. They need better services and good job opportunities, access to higher education and fully funded scholarships to carry on their education at primary, secondary and higher secondary levels, so they can cope up with it and become a strong support system for the cause of financially supporting their families. They need quality education as well and also the ratta-fied system to be erected with all the root causes. Better job opportunities without discrimination on the basis of colour, sect, culture and languages. A corruption free system where they could show their own identity despite of the fact that fuedals and other corrupt people take on the hold.
Youngsters everywhere feel so depressed and immoral that all their excitement and zeal to do work and earn seems to have been lost somewhere. They’ve started finding shortcuts to earn by becoming clickbaits on the internet or do internships at some firm at little post and for very low wages, they seen fearful of doing hard work and set some goal for the upcoming life. This all is due to a system where hard work isn’t encouraged and the things ain’t modified. We, all seems pretty much proud on our friendly relationships with China, which is a very well developed country, there too, all the people take active part in the constructions and other social affairs, from the leading officials to poor people. But here doing work isn’t admirable at all, which is a big reason to worry about!
This reminds me of the famous golden words of our Quaid, ‘Work, work and just work’ . Cause all the prosperity, development and achievements lie in work. Work is a dignity and nothing to be ashamed of.
Therefore, our government should develop good law enforcing agencies, make the system corruption free in each and every department and make education accessible and affordable so that they’ll become the assets to our nation. These are really milestone our government could achieve, because only, giving away laptops is just not enough. There’s a lot more to come, I believe In shaa Allah , one day our youngsters will become a way of letting Pakistan rise towards success, by proper extensions and fair systems!

By: Hamna Ahmed