Terrorism is a menace to mankind. Irrespective of caste, culture, color, race, and creed we all are human beings first! These differences of thoughts and class have brought us to a position where we no more thought about peace, we’re just self-centered and that is giving flame to terrorism, it should be demolished from the roots to save the humanity!
Our homeland is once again in the deadliest hands of hell bound terrorists who just want to eliminate peace from our state and want every one of us to be shattered into pieces. And, today the target was the place of ‘ZINDA DILAANS’ the beautiful and lively city of Pakistan, Lahore! which heard the cruel noise of blast and was all over teary-eyed for the loss of precious lives and sympathies for their loved ones.
The blast took place on the evening of 24th July, at Arfa Karim Tower at Lahore. The blast is reported to have killed almost 28 people up till now and left several injured. The news made many of us cry when we heard about this brutal act of terrorism. Emergency has been imposed in the hospitals of Lahore and people are praying for the well being of injured. May the departed souls rest in peace and may Allah grant Sabr to the affected families. Ameen!

By: Hamna Ahmed