In this world of race, we listen about the perks of being fair, and white and how it’s important for us in gaining advantages everywhere!
Black people are deprived and looked down upon by the people of society that’s the reason why they’re found very discouraged and depressed.
In our society, people have made it mandatory for others to be fair and if their color is dark there’s no choice, we are supposed to be perfect in every aspect of life, so how can a color not count in this perfection’s theory. Be, it men or women, fairness is becoming a mandatory part of society and it’s alarming.
More to this, it’s easy going for the people who are born white, they don’t have to do a lot of hard work.
But it’s actually the toughest job for people who are dark.
They have to do a lot of struggles to be in the list of fair people. From ‘desi totkas’ to spending heavy amounts of money on fairness creams and several fairness treatments, they have to be bound by all those unnecessary shackles.
That’s why the teens are also found so lost and deprived because they spend their precious time, money and efforts on something that is so crazy!
Due to these reasons, several companies are coming up with different sorts of fairness creams which are not standardized and are harmful to our skins. Even some companies use dangerous materials which are injurious to our health and may cause skin cancer.
Therefore, what we’ve to do now is to come out of the dilemma of fairness and fairness creams being overrated and hyped.
So, we’ll be able to form a good society with balanced values and make sure we don’t overreact to the issues which are not issues at all.

Our teenagers will come out of dark-phobia and will strengthen them on an individual basis.
And, we’ll move on to something that matters to the world and humanity. Seriously, we have bigger issues to worry about than these ridiculous issues, which are time wasting.
Let’s come out of those color races and move on towards a society free of racism because nature’s creation is perfect in all way we only have to believe in it!

By: Hamna Ahmed