Chai seems to be the dream drink of Pakistanis. From ‘sard dard’ to all kinds of depressions and hypertension we all recommend chai as the ultimate solution to every problem!
It’ll not be a breaking news even if someday we all would listen chai being declared as the national drink of Pakistan because somewhere in our subconscious minds we’re ready for it.
The chai in Pakistan is treated equally beloved in nearly all families around the country. From doodh-Patti to Karak chai we all are DIE-HARD chai fans.

Even, if you’re up for a low budget hang out with your friend’s chai paratha at Pathan’s hotel is the best treat you’re looking for. We all have celebrated chai so much that a chai wala Arshad Khan caught our eyes and ended up being a popular celebrity! Normally, in the evening at our home with family, we all ask for a family mixture version of chai, which is enjoyed by every family member.
Exam time is a stressful time in the life of students, being burdened by a full load of books, that time chai acts as a fuel for students, and they carry on with it again.
Our family gatherings are also a place where all Desi aunties usually expect chai pani from you and again chai is there to the rescue!!
I think Pakistan is the only country where you’ll be trolled on the bad colour of the tea you make. You’re expected to make a perfect brown cup of tea and if it’s pale yellow or cream colored you’re under hot waters, so beware!

Pakistani awam even express its love for chai on internet time to time especially on Twitter, that it’ll call you by the names like ‘chai charsi’ or ‘chaiholic ‘ if you’re addicted to chai. Also, you’ll be looked down upon by a bunch of people if you say that you don’t drink tea at all and everyone will go HAWHAYE!
We appoint anyone from our family who is responsible for making tea, whenever needed. In a nutshell, we Pakistanis are fond of chai and we can’t get rid of it, be it any brand but it should be a ‘chai’ only! So people, grab your cup of chai now if you haven’t had till yet and enjoy the day!

By: Hamna