As we live in a country named as “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” the name itself tells alot but now nobody cares about it. People do what they want to, either it’s wrong or right. In Pakistan when the Holy month Ramadan arrives the whole sellers increase the prices of fruit which is not bearable whereas if we observe other countries either they are Islamic or Non-Islamic countries they decrease prices of food items just because of the Holy month Ramadan.
Karachites facing a lot of issues like load-shedding, lack of water, garbage problem which is the main cause of environmental pollution, heat stroke and now the highest rates of fruit. These things urged Karachites to do something just to get rid out of at least from one situation. In the Holy month of Ramadan where everybody either poor or wealthy have to observe fast.
Those people who earn handsome income are able to buy fruits of any prices but what about those people who are not able to buy these kinds of fruits? Karachites started a campaign on social media against fruit vendors for overcharging during Ramadan. This Campaign is just for three days. Some people thought that this strike just effects on poor people or on fruit vendors only but after Friday we observe that it works and it will work in the future too.
The boycott of fruits will bear fruit one day it takes time and it will be beneficial for the poor people and fruit vendors too.
Government has to take notice of those people who are behind this cause but it’s our responsibility as well to stand out on these kinds of issues. All we need is unity taking small steps to bring change leaves a great impact, if we continue to be united we can easily pass great hurdles.

By: Kanwal Akhter