As the summer season is started in Pakistan and especially in Karachi. The level of temperature increasing day by day and that increasing level cause heat waves or heat stroke. Heat stroke is a condition in which a person’s body temperature gets overheated usually as a result of heat waves. Heat stroke can occur if person’s body temperature rises to104 (40-degree centigrade) or higher. The symptoms of heat stroke are nausea, confusion, vomiting, consciousness, lack of sweating, rapid heartbeat and muscle cramps.

Heat stroke requires emergency treatment untreated heatstroke may cause damage to person’s body part such as kidney, heart, brain and muscles. If the treatment is delayed than it may cause serious complications or death.

Everyone knows about the heat stroke of 2015 which gave the disastrous situation to the people and then “Heat Stroke Centre” were made to get rid out from that situation. But making those centers is not a permanent solution. Lack of plantation and electricity is the cause of heat stroke. People don’t know about the term heat stroke just because of the lack of awareness even they don’t know about the symptoms and prevention. What they do is just take it as a temperature. NDMA should start awareness campaigns regarding heat stroke and precautionary major to prevent the deadliest effects of “Heatstroke”.

By: Kanwal Akhter