In Pakistan, thousands of old age people are found to be lived in old age homes. These are the centers for older people where they are taken care by the specialized nurses, and are usually run by some institutions or by a trust. The old people who do not have someone to look after them or who are thrown by their heartless children live in these places. The concept of old age home is now increasing in eastern countries too. Children after reaching up to certain age prefers to live independently and get their parents admitted in old age homes.

This is one of the major social issue that elderly people are facing now a days. Following are the reasons for this issue:

Parents develop their children by giving all they have but once those children have grown up they do not tolerate any interference from their parents in their lives. Secondly, some people feel that they cannot afford the living cost of their parents like food, medical expenses, and accommodation. Sometime domestic problem like relation between a wife and parents is the major concern in our society.

Every parent expects from their children to look after them, but children get so much indulge in their busy routine that they do not give considerable time and attention to their parents. In our society, we have number of established old age homes where the dear ones get admitted every month. This is the time, we have to raise our concern about this problem and educate children to not send their parents to old age homes. Whatever the reason is, children should find some suitable ways to overcome all these issues that are causing problem for their parents.

We should organize such counselling centers where the trained people conduct proper discussion session on the issues between parents and their children. If there are such centers available then old age homes are definitely not the option.

By: Atif Ur Rehman