Karachi the city of lights turns into darkness. A heap of trash covers most of the street and roadsides which cause so many problems for the citizens. It gives harmful effects on human health and environment. Improper disposal of waste material contributes to spreading of dangerous disease like Hepatitis A, B and C, chicken pox, AIDS, typhoid etc.
This danger is not only restricted to just landfills but to air and water as well. Through burning trash, methane gas is produced which is contaminated and it becomes unsafe for human and animal consumptions. Plus garbage is also a breeding site for bacteria.
In Karachi, currently, metropolis producing 12,000 tons of garbage. The point is it’s not just a trash but it can also become a source of income as well. If we think about recycling of garbage so it will be a valuable resource. Through garbage recycling, we can produce electricity. People and higher authorities should have to think about how can we reuse waste material in creative and innovative ways.

By: Kanwal Akhter