Annual Islamic Conference,17 at IBA University, carrying not only academic events but also Islamic teaching in this known university. The event started from the topic “Vision beyond the self” covered by Raja Zia Ul Haq who is the CEO of Youth Club, and is a prominent speaker who has been to various universities across Pakistan, after him Mr Abdul Samad took over covering the topic.

“The Spirit Of Collectivity”. Flown away from KSA, Dr Farzad Khan faculty member at KSBL and highly-merited researcher, professor, and strategy executor in the field of business management and ethics having conducted talks at prestigious global forums here in the event he covered the topic Campus Social Responsibility.

Mufti Shaikh Kamal Uddin Ahmed world renowned speaker also joined up and covered the topic Ummah: Community fellowship and companionship in Islam. After this different NGOs joined up shared their success stories of their journey from “I To We”. In the end brother Wajihuddin covered the topic “I open at the close”, he is the current faculty member of IOBM university, manager at Mercy Mission, his well applauded talks at various institutes has made him famous.

The event was truly based on forming from an individual to collectivism.