Do you see any changed behavior in your child? Do you see him being inactive or nervous? Is he quieter than usual? Do you see him not as confident as before? Did you ask him about it? Was it too confusing for him to answer?

We say that parents know their children the best, but do they really know them? Have they really seen the dark side of the story? Have they really known them the most? Have they listened to them when they wanted to be heard? Did they really notice that the tears their kids were not because of an ordinary nightmare? Do they see the transition of their child’s dreams into nightmares? I don’t think so.

According to US Statistics about 3 million children go through child abuse. One in five children of the developing countries is the victim of this outrageous and inhumane act. This number goes on increasing drastically as we speak. So what really is child abuse? Child abuse is the most insensitive and in humane thing that can happen to a kid. Yes a kid, who doesn’t even know the difference between right and wrong and is a victim of something so evil. Rape itself is the most unfortunate thing but child abuse is something that cannot be tolerated by any means. The most astonishing part is, as a society, we give very little importance to this issue. It is easier done than talked about. We feel pride in speaking the truth, for women and for other social issues that appears to be cleaner than this, but we don’t even try to put this in words.

Poor or rich, it doesn’t matter, it can happen to anyone. Child labor is a victim of child abuse too. Children working on streets or coming home for cleaning purposes are also a victim of child abuse. That also includes those children who go to schools, coaching centers and other learning institutions. Children even are not safe in their homes and are often a victim of mild to severe child abuse from their relatives.

We have heard stories of little girls being abused by their uncles in exchange to some candies. They are threatened to keep their mouth shut for any inconvenience. Not only that, but little boys have also been raped by their relatives and teachers. These are the children living in a protective shield of their parents so imagine what about children who are orphans or who are too poor to speak up. They have been raped multiple times without even knowing what was wrong. It sounds so disturbing already; imagine how disturbing it will be for the kid.

Why as a parent or guardian we have failed to protect our children? Why can’t we hear their screams and cries? Why can’t we educate them beforehand? Is everything about sex nowadays? Why do we trust everyone so blindly? Are food, shelter and education only the criteria for being a good parent? Why have we gone so far away from our children that we can’t even see their tears, their fears and their silence? This destroys lives, personalities and eventually happiness. One act of ignorance and negligence destroys lives.

It is important for us to educate our children about child rapes and abuses. No matter how hard it is to communicate or to talk about. No matter how hard it is to discuss we should always take an initiative to make our child ready. Ready to do something about it or to speak up if he sees any signs.  We must have heard that precaution is better than cure, but in this case precaution is the only way to fight this evil as there is no cure. Please educate your children about child abuse. Speak and stand up for it.  Children are a precious gift by God, they deserve happiness and peace. Child abuse is an evil act which shouldn’t be a part of any child’s story. Strict regulatory and legal actions should be taken against it. Child abuse cannot be anyone’s story. You are equally responsible for destroying their lives. It is now or never, speak up to change their story.

By: Fahad Naseer