It’s hard to watch how middle class society cannot afford a simple brand. It’s amazing how the brands’ prices are touching the sky. In my opinion, this let the person face complexity. Brand does not mean selling your product in high prices, it actually means selling your fine and quality products in market to the public in order to attract them and to share your work with them.

I as being the part of a middle class society, I do not care if I don’t wear any brand but there are a lot of people out there in the society who get depressed if they can’t wear brands and their fellow members are wearing it. My intentions are not to let down any person or brand, but my major aim is to let others know what others think.


I’ve come across many people who can’t afford brands but they lie in public or in their gathering that they’re wearing brands. Even sometimes I feel low graded when my fellow mates are wearing and talking about brands and their summer, winter sale. And again Bakra Eid is yet to come, and we all know that prices are going to touch the sky this time too.

Fashion has never been more expensive, but conversations about that sort of thing take on far greater firmness outside fashion circles than they do inside. Luxury retailers say prices have risen 25 to 50 percent over the past five years. The prices mentioned above are not from the invitation-only couture; they are ready to wear prices from the best department stores and boutiques. It’s hard for most people to understand such unusual excess; it’s become hard for the excessive customer to feel the full glory of her excess when the status guide is forever on the rise.

These brands know their outfits’ copies are being sold in the market and when people buy them, they lie in their social gatherings that they are wearing a brand. And maybe that can affect a brand badly. The frustrated fashion fanatic who loves to shop for a few new things each season is right to be unsatisfied. But even hard numbers add up to no easy explanation.

By Maria Siddiqui