Pakistan’s High Commissioner in India, Abdul Basit believes that problems and issues between the two countries can only be through dialogue. War is not the solution of the issues between neighbors.

During a ceremony in Delhi, Abdul Basit highlighted the fact that the issues between Pakistan and India needs to be settled soon and it is only possible when both countries are willing to negotiate.

Basit, also said that India is reluctant in co-operating with Pakistan to identify the attackers of Pathankot airbase. Pakistan has done everything possible to make sure the case proceeds but India is not co-operating with Pakistan and in such circumstances it is not easy to investigate the case further. He said that India must abandon its stubborn attitude and start a dialogue with Pakistan. He also said if India are willing to sit and talk with Pakistan then they must get ready for fruitful and successful negotiations.

He also stressed on the fact that nothing could be achieved through war and it only causes damage. Basit also mentioned that Kashmir dispute is still not over even after all these years.

By Muhammad Ammar