Islamabad: Federal Information Minister Pervez Rasheed on Saturday strongly criticising Imran Khan,to show his offshore company details- Niazi Services Limited setup in England.

Addressing to a press conference on Saturday in the government capital, Pervez Rasheed said that Imran Khan has lost good power to bear on his Political profession and that he was the pioneer of setting up offshore companies in Pakistan.

As Imran Khan the day preceding has conceded that he possesses an offshore company- Niaza Services Limited in 1983 on the advice of his accountant in England to “abstain from paying taxes”.

“Six PTI members , including Imran Khan, his sister Aleema Khan, Jahangir Tareen, one Senator and a senior Senator of KPK owns offshore companies”, he claimed.

Rasheed asked Imran for what valid reason he had setup offshore company and didn’t reveal his organization wellspring of income in his declaration of Assets. Imran Khan is answerable to People, Parliament and The Chief Justice over offshore company, he affirmed.

He included, Imran Khan was directing fingers at others, however number of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) individuals own offshore companies are more as compared to other parties.

Rasheed said Imran Khan has been guaranteeing the offshore companies as formed to dodge tax or laundering cash, and the way that he claims an offshore company in England implies he is included in duty avoidance and money laundering.

He said Khan remembers that what number of runs he had scored amid the cricket match in 1980, it doesn’t bode well that he generally forgot the company.

Pervez Rasheed said, telling an untruth and concealing actually a portion of Khan’s politics. He requested that Imran begin talking reality before it get mess.

By Kanwal Khan.