Now, he is here, why is he so handsome? It started when I was a teen and I stood against my parents, and made him “the lord of my heart”. LOL, I swear I would have never left him if he would have understood me. You know what? Last night when I was sleeping,  I dreamt about him, why? Why do I still think about him? He is an idiot. I used to do everything for him, you’re listening to me? Everything, and what did he gave me in return? Nothing but… Loneliness!


I must say relationships at this age?  Impossible, I remember I used to spend hours talking to him on the available night packages by ufone, and day packages by Telenor, and zong were providing me bundle of messages, which were spent on him. Oh my god, I have spent my thousands of my bucks just to buy clothes from Mango, Monsoon and Khadi, so that I can wear, while dating him. And I have spent more than thousands buying him Cambridge and Outfitters. How can he forget about my loyalty, like I have been with him since 2 years and in the end just looking at me that I am hanging out with my only one best childhood friend made him leave me? Made him insult me in front my only friend? He was being possessive? No he was being conservative, or I should say he was just finding a way to dumb me. I used to update each and every photo of us on Facebook, I changed my relationship status, I used to post a lot of love quotes on his wall, and still he thought this about me, I can say only one thing about him “HE IS SICK”. This is not a reason to leave me, I am pretty sure that he would definitely be dating someone so he just took it as a reason.

This is ridiculous. I should move on *cries* oh man I am crying? Why am I? No, I shouldn’t cry, my heart is tearing apart, I’m breaking myself, like I’m sinking. Why man why? You know I did not make any friends as I was with him, he is a model so what? I’m puffy but I’m beautiful as well. I have rejected so many proposals just because of him, made no friends and so I am called as “an attitude princess”. I am not an attitude princess, he’s part of the magnitude what I have become. How can I prove myself now? There is no way :’(.  He ruined my social life, ruined my college life, baby he ruined MY LIFE. No friends, no shoulders where I can keep my head to cry for long. But I have you; I have you my little diary. I love you, I know you do understand me, and you do care for me. I can hide my tears in you and you keep my secrets. Thank you for being my best friend. And I think you‘re the blessing.

When you experience resistance, you find the lessons that you are meant to learn – Jon Gordon ~ the Seed

Well, I would suggest everyone not to get into relationships. They give you nothing, trust me, nothing! They are just useless. Thinking of what you should wear tomorrow would take your time so long, as you can write a report. Thinking of what you should gift them on their birthdays, anniversary, and valentine will take your time so long, as you can complete memorizing your syllabus of Macroeconomics. Thinking about the different ways to make them happy after big fights would take your time so long, as you can go with your family for dinner and so the film goes on.  I have had a bad experience and I know I am not the first one, some where there are girls who betray and some where it’s a story like me. Relationships build in months cannot make you live with them for life. They do show there ugly part in some way, trusting them is how you watch a truck coming in high speed towards you, and you still choose to cross the road.


I won’t say that everyone would experience the same thing but most of us would. And the ones who will not would have surely started their relationship after spending a lot of time with each other, and thinking about their future properly. If we talk about teen relations, they have no meaning it’s just the sexual attachment and nothing else than that. They would get into relations just because of their peer gathering and environment. Except that there would be no reason. Long calls at night and messages are just the wastage of time, they give you nothing, but they surely give you one thing, big fat eye sight glasses to make you look ugly. And dark circles? Would make you look uglier.

I would suggest everyone to stop being desperate, take a break, there’s a lot to do rather than getting into relationship and just ruining your life. You get what? Pleasure and that is just for some hours? And then what’s up with the whole day? LOL!  Frustration and irritation? So why should we chose a life which would give you nothing, except tensions. Ah! Let’s just break up today and live for ourselves from tomorrow. A life without tensions and insults, a life without ego and irritation, a life of long sleeps and healthy days, a life of enjoyment, a life of honor, a life of grace and a life where we can love ourselves.

Say goodbye to teen relationships.

“You’ll never know you can fly until you spread your wings and try…” ~ The Optimist Creed


Written by:

Warda Jamal