A month back I was almost done with ruining my happy life and met with depression which caused severe headache and messed all my planning towards my unique goals on which I was working for years. I felt like crying every moment those days. While thinking what to do I met a gentle man whose peek of satisfaction was uttering from his face and body language having conversation for few minutes I immediately asked him tell me something about anger and the ways to control it, he calmly replied; from our God anger is something given to us for testing our-self, those who succeeds are the winners rest of them stays with the term ruining, he then told me the way to leave being angry is to do a small home based workshop, all you need is to follow the guidelines rest of the work will your motivation towards good will do, he then told me remember today’s date and just for 2 days you have to stop yourself from being angry then when you attains that level simply multiply the day with two and keep on doing this for a month, after a month you’ll realize that there is no such thing existing in your life affiliated with anger. Let’s step together and start solving things with your patience rather than destroying everything with anger.

By Abdul Bari