03 April 2016

As the youth of our country are future asset of our country they are the one who are the future developers of our country they need to be motivated and inspired in order to make inspire the young students at iqra university  celebrated entrepreneurship week with a ceo talk series  in which they called upon well-known ceo and personalities of Pakistan like the ceo of burger king Mr. Rafiq Rangoonwala ,iba university dr. Shahid Qureshi , founder and ceo of amulet consulting and former ceo of Gillette Mr . Saad khan ,ceo of Cineplex in Pakistan Mr. Hashim Raza , ceo of fashion Pakistan council and fashion designer Ms. Warda Saleem, a very famous photographer, jewelry designer and much more Mr. Tapu Javari. They all talked about their experiences their failures and tell the students what kept them motivating and in the end they tried to inspire the youth with their work and how they can avail this kind of opportunity and become big names like them and in the end the students throw some tough question toward them the ceo answered them humbly and showed the youth the path of success.

By Aisha Rehman