Pakistani media is evolving around creativeness day by day and is grasping more and more audience because of their efforts but who knows that this attention seeking policy is damaging our generation and taking us away from the norms and beliefs of our society. We might have attained the level of competency to where we can easily compare our-self from the Bollywood industry , Lollywood came quite far from the boundaries of Mola Jutt who was the Hitman of the 1990,s , now quite sensible our movies are which includes Waar , Karachi Se Lahore, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani , everyone seems to be happy by this marvellous change but do we know that this dramatic era is taking us somewhere that doesn’t belongs to us, our trends our culture is being forbidden and the tendency to adopt western culture is evolving more then ours. Our upcoming generation is going to learn negativity more than the positivity. The usual TV serials shows how can we take revenge from our family how can we leave them when they needs us, the most prominent thing is the word “Talaaq” which is now common in almost every TV serials. Is the positivity dying from our society? or are we short of ideas to make our culture more attractive? are we willing to stay with negativity forever, this may give name and fame to the actors and producers for the time being but after this there would be no ground for us where we could proudly stand and say yes I Am A Pakistani and it’s my Culture.

By Abdul Bari